Grade Level Leaders



Helendale Road
Kindergarten: Barb Ferriter
Grade 1: Danielle McRae
Grade 2: Angela Caricati     

Ivan Green
Kindergarten: Mary Kate Lamarche
Grade 1: Donna Magliocca
Grade 2: Kristin Nuijens

Laurelton Pardee
Grade  3: Jason DeJohn                 
Grade 4:  Kara Lehman                
Grade 5: Jackie Antonelli
PYP Coordinator: Jason DeJohn

Durand Eastman
Grade 3: Jill Tallinger
Grade 4: Susan Westcott                      
Grade 5: Nicole Charles
PYP Coordinator: Katie VanEps 

East Irondequoit Professional Leadership Sequence
In accordance with the decision made by the Curriculum and Staff Development Council, the Professional Development Committee and EITA, we are pleased to announce the creation of the East Irondequoit Professional Leadership Sequence. As of July 1, 2005 all teachers wishing to serve in a leadership position will be required to take the courses associated with that position. Anyone that has taken the Communication Workshop should not retake this sequence. However, anyone that has taken the workshop prior, may repeat Communication Skills 2 session. 

See Professional Development for more info

  Instructional Coach

Communication Skills 1 -Listening Skills Clusters

Communication Skills 2 -Action Oriented Listening (Reflection)

Curriculum, MS Team, 
or Grade Level Leader

Communication Skills 1 -Listening Skills Clusters

Effective Meetings